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Let Dotable walk you through a worry-free online journey. You’ve already built your professional image, now it’s time to share with the world. People will easily find your website in Google search results for a fast track to your products or your physical location. If at any point you need a helping hand, our support team is available both day and night. Get started now. No online experience necessary. Keep it simple with Dotable.

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What is Dotable used for?

Dotable is a simple website builder that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to create professional websites for an affordable monthly fee, or a discounted annual cost. We help people with no experience of website creation to choose a domain name (a web address, like, build their own website, and publish it for the world to see. You can create a website to promote products and services in any industry, and then optimise your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) to appear at the top of Google rankings and Bing results.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a helpful tool used to create stunning websites without recourse to programming languages like HTML or Java. We offer clear and simple directions to help you choose your design preferences, add personalised business information, and publish your website online. Dotable can also help you to choose the perfect domain name, create your own blog and build an online ecommerce store, all for the same affordable monthly fee.

Do I need a website?

Nowadays, a website is vital for finding new customers, especially given everyone’s newfound reliance on the internet. Websites solve many problems that businesses often face – letting people from around the world find you, answering commonly asked questions, advertising products and services, and allowing customers to buy from you.

Can I use a web address I already have?

Absolutely! Talk to our expert support team to move your pre-existing web address or domain to your Dotable account.

What does mobile-ready mean?

A mobile‐ready website will automatically resize to look great on any screen, from a smartphone display to a PC monitor. It ensures key content is always clearly visible and easy to access, which helps to optimise your website’s SEO. Dotable’s simple website creation tool lets you point and tap your way to a professional website that looks great on any device.

Can I build a website from my phone?

Yes! Dotable website builder and tools work from any device at home, the office, or on the go.

How do I choose a new website address?

Dotable provides a free domain name with every website you create. A domain name is the official term for a website address – ours is Choosing the right domain name involves picking a name that’s easy for people to spell and remember, and which identifies your business or industry.

Will my website be secure?

All the best websites nowadays have a ‘https’ prefix at the start of their address. The letter ‘s’ shows that a security certificate has been created to protect visitors to the site, ensuring any information they provide (such as credit card data) is safe and can’t be seen by anyone other than the website owners. Every website comes with a free SSL security certificate, which we install on your behalf.

How easy is it to create a website with your website builder?

You can signup with Dotable for free, simply by giving us your name and email address. Our easy site building tool helps you to choose the right style and design template for your site, which will automatically include your company name and some basic text relevant to your industry. Click the Create your Homepage button, and we’ll show you how many steps you need to complete to create a simple website.

Do I have to create the site all in one go?

Not at all! You can come back to the Dotable site editor at any time, adding more pages, text, images, contact forms and other content. You can keep the standard images and text we’ve provided, or add your own to make the site truly yours. Search engines like Google always give priority to websites which are updated regularly, becausea dding extra content gives people more reason to come back.

Can I publish a blog?

One of the easiest ways to keep people coming back to your site regularly is by adding a blog. We have a very simple blog editor, which allows you to create posts with just two mouse‐clicks. You can also import existing WordPress content.

Can people get in touch through my new website?

You can add contact forms, email forms, maps and Call Me buttons to your website, using the Widgets tool in our simple site builder.

Can I integrate social media accounts into my Dotable website?

Social media integration is a key part of every Dotable website. You can integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts, publish Yelp reviews and show Disqus comments, all with a couple of mouse‐clicks.

Can I sell goods and services through my website?

Our easy website builder helps you create product lists, highlight featured items and organise your goods or services into categories. People can buy directly through your site using PayPal and Stripe, by making a bank transfer, or even by paying on collection. Our site helps you manage shipping costs, taxes and different currencies, while you can even offer discounts to your customers.

Does your site builder support more technical features?

Although our site building tool is child’s play to use, we have included some advanced features which are optional but may be beneficial. We offer page redirects, an automatic debug mode to disable scripts, and dedicated pages for privacy, legal and cookies policies. If visuals are important, you can disable image compression and add a favicon for bookmarks.

Where is my website data stored once it’s published?

Dotable is part of UK2, a multinational company with 22 years of experience in webhosting. We use UK2’s industry‐leading hardware to store your website content on powerful servers which can be accessed from any device, at any time, anywhere in the world.

How long will the site stay live?

Websites can stay live for as long as you want! Initially, we’ll ask you to agree to one year’s hosting. After that, your site will automatically renew unless you ask us to cancel your hosting package.

How do I know if my site is receiving visitors?

Dotable provides website analytics as part of our hosting packages, so you can see how many people have visited your site, and how many views a particular page has received. This helps you to refine your site, so it will appeal to more people in future.

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